Who Knew Casino’s Were Hospitality and Had Jobs!

I used to be jobless, that was before I became one of the casino’s hospitality accountants. Before that, I just assumed the owner of the casino did all the accounting. I was wrong! There is a whole crew of people who work for the casino, I was just going to become a small piece of the puzzle.

For a while, I was jobless. I had been an accountant for a local firm, but the head accountant there was retiring leaving the firm to his son. His son had decided to get a whole new staff and start fresh. It left 10 of us jobless and struggling. I had some money saved up in case something like this happened but did not expect it so soon.

Talking to friends, someone mentioned working in hospitality. I always thought it was hotels and things like that. I wasn’t interested until she mentioned that hte local casino was looking for an accountant. I told her “That’s not hospitality!” She corrected me. I had no idea that it had just a large range of things under it.

When I went in to talk to the casino owner, I was met with just an overall happy crew. The owner was a great guy, really family orientated and said his first priority is his employees. I met other staff in the hospitality accountant department. There were accountant, clerks, clerical, admins… just overall a lot more people than I expected. I was told if I was hired, I would be working with my own small team. I had a great feeling about this!

A few weeks later, I was called and asked if I was still interested in the job. Of course I was! My first day was a week after that and the people I work with are great. I am the head of my department and I oversee the accounting of the resturant.I wouldn’t change what I do for anything!