Earning an Online MBA on My Schedule

I know that in my line of work, having an MBA would help me to advance my career. But between my working hours and my family, I’m not sure when I’d have time to attend traditional grad school classes. That’s why I wanted to find out more about earning an online MBA.

If I was earning my MBA online, I wouldn’t have to physically travel to a campus in order to attend classes. That would save me a lot of time in commuting. Instead, I could attend classes right from my own home, from my living room or kitchen table, or wherever I decided to set up my study area.

It’s important to me that I be able to take classes for my online MBA program when I’m available. My job requires me to work extra hours without much notice, so I could never guarantee being able to attend class at a set time. And as a parent, I never know when my children will require my attention. It’s just not feasible to be able to set aside big blocks of time to watch a live lecture.

With an online MBA program from a local accredited university, I don’t have to worry about any of that. I’ll graduate when I’m ready, with a real degree from a real college. I can watch the lectures on my time, when my work and my family aren’t going to interfere. I can even take the lecture recordings with me and watch them on my lunch break at work, which would never be possible with a more traditional college program.

Getting my MBA is going to help me to advance my career. The next time a position opens up, I can show my superiors that I have what it takes to do the job, both through my work there and on paper with my new MBA.